Suddenly it was like falling in 1800: that's where we advanced among Hayez, Giuseppe Verdi, Donizetti and Manzoni, discovering the extraordinary turmoil of a such an "alive" era full of contaminations between painting, literature and music. < ! - more - > Just few days before the press conference we are in Pinacoteca to install the web app on 3 iPad which will be placed in front of the < em ...

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A brand new adventure in Brera!

Let's start with a table, tons of books and knowledge, buried alive among the papers in the thick of the library's oldest museum institution in Milan. Let's go for this new "cyber" love story, to live fearless and free and tell once again this ancient and fascinating story with new media and new energy. The love of beauty, a tool for the future Isabella Marelli, art historian and top expert of ...

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