Mr Staffelli is on line! Just outside Milan, in a bright and warm space full of computers and tapiri (an Italian satirical award delivered by Valerio Staffelli), there's a passionate and smart editorial staff. For Valerio Staffelli, reporter for the most famous Italian comic NewsCast, we designed and developed a multimedia web platform with images, videos and texts alternating to tell stories, reports and also some good news.

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A TV Flea Market

Pulci Famose (broadcast on Mediaset channel La5) is much more than a TV format! It's a real contest of solidarity involving many TV networks, music and sport celebrities by selling their beloved items. The initiative aims to sponsor the construction of the first "Path Wheel" in Italy, a mountain path suitable for wheelchairs which will be built in the Lombardy Alps, in the Parco Delle Cinque Vette. Viva! participates in this ...

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